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Delivery Terms



1.1 - Unless otherwise stated our general delivery terms are worked on a week commencing basis, where goods will be delivered any time during the week in question. Should the customer require a set / timed delivery date extra costs may incur. Our (CS Storage) sales office must be informed of any delivery procedure / restrictions at the agreed delivery site prior to goods being dispatched. Standard delivery may not include Pedestrian Zones that operate time limits on deliveries. For insurance purposes, deliveries will only be made to the nearest ground floor entrance to the building. Should our delivery vehicles be turned away due to the above procedures not being adhered to, additional re-stocking / re-delivery charges may be incurred by the customer.

1.2 - Whilst the Company will make every reasonable effort to complete the Contract by the date or dates specified for delivery of Goods and/or provision of Services such date or dates shall only constitute the times by which the Company expects to effect such delivery and if no time is agreed delivery and/or provision will be in a reasonable time but the time for performance of the Contract by the Company shall not be essence of the Contract, the Company failure to deliver and/or provide by the due date or dates shall not constitute a breach of Contract and the Company shall not in any circumstances be responsible for any direct or consequential loss or damage of any kind whatsoever resulting from such breach.

1.3 - Neither of the parties shall be responsible to the other for any delay in performance or non-performance due to any causes beyond the reasonable control of the parties, but the affected party shall promptly upon the occurrence of any such cause so inform the other party in Writing, stating that such cause has delayed or prevented its performance under the Contract and thereafter such party shall take all action within its power to comply with the terms of the Contract as fully and promptly as possible.

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