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Designing Your Locker Room

                                                                      Locker Room

If you are looking for some help on how to make best use of your locker room, or have an awkward space and need some advice on how to utilise it fully, then just give us a call (01772 322634) or drop us an email on sales@csstorage.co.uk

When planning the layout of a locker room there are a few design essentials that you may want to consider to help avoid the common mistakes…

Know your locker room design essentials…

When designing your locker room remember to allow minimum distances so gangways have enough space for movement of its users.

If it is a changing area, whether for clothing or just footwear, then you may island seating or benches. These can be incorporated with lockers or nest of lockers, but remember to allow for the extra space.

Use the right lockers…

There is a vast range of choice of lockers and storage equipment, often far more than people expect. So, make sure you consider the end user, what will be stored, will there be a need for hanging work wear, or bulkier items such as motorcycle helmets, security issues… the list is extensive, but take a look at the optional extras and the different categories to make sure you get the right locker for your locker room.

Storing work and personal wear separately…

If there is a need to store work wear separately from personal items then you may want to consider PPE or clean/dirty locker options.

Cleaning and hygiene in the locker room

Hygiene is always important, but sometimes increasingly so in areas that are related to food preparation or hospitals where you are wanting to reduce the risk of spreading contagious diseases. In these situations consider a factory fitted sloping option on the top of each locker. This prevents the build-up of dirt and debris and also encourages storage within the locker as opposed to on top. Locker stands can help cleaning access underneath lockers and we provide a large range of lockers with anti-bacteria powder coating.

Floor surfaces…

Ensure you check the floor surface if you are installing lockers for the first time into a room. Its important to have a level surface, but in cases where this isn’t possible you can add locker stands to help compensate for this.

Airing damp clothing…

Where there is a need to air damp clothing it is well worth considering lockers where garments can be hanged, alternatively you can opt for a compartment locker with perforated holes in doors to increase air circulation… or both!

Securing your lockers…

There is a wide range of lock options, some come free as standard, others are additional, but this is a crucial aspect to consider you get it right at the time of purchase. Key cam locks, Padlock fittings and coin operated locker options are available for secure each locker.

Other locker accessories and replacement locker keys…

Locker accessories such as hanging rails, number plates and sloping tops can be added to your lockers. Take a look at our accessory options when designing your locker room solution.

Visual monitoring…

If you need to keep an eye on the contents of lockers then consider perforated doors for the combination of security and visibility.

Matching locker colours…

Choosing the right lockers which is fit for purpose is important, but they also need to look the part. Most of our lockers are available in a wide range of colours so you can make sure they fit in with the visual appearance with the decor of the room and your building as a whole.

Relevant storage regulations…

Under the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare regulations 1992) employers are required to provide suitable and sufficient accommodation for workwear and personal clothing.

The personal Protective Equipment at work regulations 1992 also require the provision of suitable storage to protect personal protective equipment from damage, contamination or loss. If you have got a lower quote from another genuine supplier call us now and we'll beat it.

Looking for storage locker products?

We're here to help. With a range of over 1,000 lockers and other storage products it's more than likely that we have everything to meet your needs… so if you can’t see it, just give us a call and ask!

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