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Traka Intelligent Locker Systems

Traka Intelligent Locker Systems

Lockers with Complete Trackability and Audit Functionality

Traka Intelligent lockers are the next generation of lockers, providing ogranisations of all types to control access to a wide variety of devices without the hassle or cost of staff monitoring or administration.

What are Traka Lockers?

Traka lockers provide secure storage of devices and access to them that is controlled and centrally managed by user-friendly software, allow easy allocation of devices to specific users at specific times.

What sort of devices are stored in Traka?

A huge range of devices are stored in Traka lockers. These include -

Traka Devices

• PDAs   

• Airwave Radios   

• Mobile Phones and Laptops

• Weapons  and Tasers   

• Body Worn Cameras 

• Medical Equipment and Controlled Substances 

• Toxic Gas Monitors   

What are the advantages of Traka?

Organisations of many types including Police Forces, Hospitals, Retailers and Universities have enjoyed significant return on investment with Traka Locker Systems. The savings made in ensuring expensive or dangerous devices are safe, traceable and allocated without any additional administration have resulted in huge savings in cost. They have also helped to maximise operating efficiency. The system provides a full audit trail of access via the integrated reporting suite so you will know who has taken equipment and when it was taken and returned.

The system is ideal for orgainisations that provide pooled devices that are shared amongst staff members. This can help to increase staff productivity. Equipment can be charged ready for use and because you have a full log of usage, the user can be accountable for any damages to devices.

How does the system work?

There are several methods or application from a simple, temporary deposit storage solution. This provides a quick, convenient solution for storage of personal possessions such as bags and mobile phones. Ideal for situations where users would like to store items for short periods and no tracking is required.

Intelligent system including asset management and RFID tagging ensure each user is accountable for the assets they use. Each user is uniquely identified to the Traka system using a PIN, biometrics or an access card - they will only have access to the authorised assets. You will know who removed the asset and the time it was removed and replaced providing you with a powerful control system.

How do I found out more about Traka Locker Systems?

Our friendly team are ready to answer any questions you may have about the system. You can call us on 01772 322634 for more info or complete the form below, Further information about the system is available in our PDF guide.

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